Integrated Flavour Solutions

Welcome to Flavourome, where we ignite consumers’ senses through creative & scientific innovations in Flavour Solutions. At Flavourome your perfect taste experience is possible due to our abundance of passion and expertise. As the market leaders in crafting integrated Flavour Solutions, we partner with our valued customers, who operate primarily in the larger food, beverage and health manufacturing sectors.

Working alongside our clients, Flavourome strives to introduce unique flavour and food solutions into the product design space. Our technical abilities and high-level knowledge combined with inspired creativity and deeply relevant market insights offers our customers true value-added engagement.

At Flavourome we are committed to finding and creating commercial value in our offerings. Our clients seek solutions that are easy to implement and that can boost profitability. Our flavour opportunities provide clients with a distinctive competitive edge.

Beyond our creativity and goal-driven solutions we are also dedicated to offering quality customer service to back them up.

Bringing Flavour To Life

Flavourome explores, designs and produces a smorgasbord of flavour solutions from an infinite world of taste opportunites and we are able to bring any flavour dream to life. As the innovators of taste, the world of flavours is our playground and crafting unique solutions is our competitive edge. We create and supply large manufacturers with sweet and savoury flavours, both liquid and powders, as well as Colour Solutions, Sweetners, Vitamins, Premixes and entire Food Solutions.

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The Emotions Of Memory

Although ‘flavours’ are essentially experienced on our taste buds, they are embedded in our memories through our powerful sense of smell. With millions of smell receptors, we are able to ‘taste’ more distinctly and can evoke a multitude of flavour memories. Understanding the science and the role of the nose & palate in flavour experiences enables Flavourome to produce an unthinkable number of Flavour Solutions and create unique flavour memories for your consumers.

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A World of Infinite Possibilities

No flavour dream is too big for the highly skilled and knowledgeable team at Flavourome. Conquering your flavour challenge is our passion.

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Sensory Connoisseurs
Flavourome is the industry leader for igniting the senses through
flavours, sweeteners and colour.

Driven Experts
Flavourome has almost 2 decades in product supply,
formulation and of experience blending in Africa.

Creative Precision
We are experienced in the fine art of product flavouring,
sweetening and colouring.

R&D Innovation
Flavourome is an enabler of dynamic development in food,
beverage and health products.

Our knowledge is built around years of experience coupled with
in- house expertise of a Masters Degree in Food Science.


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Flavourome also specialises in creating, innovating and blending savoury products for the Snack, Meat, Sauce, Soup and Instant Meal manufacturers of South Africa and throughout Africa.


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Flavourome’s facilities are accredited and compliant. We are accredited by the following bodies and organisations:
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We are proud to announce that Flavourome has been acquired by Firmenich, the largest privately held flavour company in the world.

By joining Firmenich, we are confident Flavourome will be able to provide even more expertise in key areas such as flavour creation and taste technologies.

Our longstanding goal of providing our customers with high quality integrated flavor solutions is perfectly complemented by Firmenich’s culture of innovation, creativity and its world-class regulatory team.

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